• Zambia's Tourism Potential
    The current earning from Zambia's tourism is 8% of
    the of the GDP. In 2010, there were 1,000,000 tourist
    in the country. The Ministry of tourism aims to
    increase this number to 4,000,000 by 2015. There is
    potential to increase this figure even further if
    the right policies are adopted.
  • Tourism Ambassadors
    The Ministry of Tourism in Zambia has introduced a
    scheme where it appoints "Tourism Ambassadors".
    The ambassadors are chosen from a group of
    Zambians in diaspora who are internationally known.
    This non-paying job involves the marketing of the
    country'stourism in their daily walks of lives.
  • Affordable Accommodation
    There has been an explosion of low cost
    accommaditionin Zambia in the last few years.
    However, most lodges, motels and B&B's are
    unlisted. There is need to develop a database
    of these so that they are easily accessible to
    tourists. A websitesimilar to www.hotels.com can
    be very useful for low budget tourists.
  • Activities for Back-Packers
    Extreme sports, white water rafting, bungy jumping
    would attract younger tourists. This coupled with
    low cost accommodation can be a great lure for low
    budget tourists.

About ZOCF

ZOCF is a non-denominational Christian platform raised for Zambians and friends of Zambia living in the UK where they can be motivated and supported to discover and exercise their gifts and talents so that together we can reach our full potential. Our meetings have a friendly atmosphere for both Zambians and friends of Zambia.
ZOCF is one of the biggest network associations of Zambians in the UK.


To present Christian faith as a relevant force to the real (practical) world of Zambians living in the UK and be an outreach arm to mother Zambia. This will be fulfilled by:

  1. Providing a platform for sharing spiritual, intellectual and professional experiences to Zambians and friends of Zambia in the diaspora, but particularly in the UK.

  2. Being a source of awareness to the needs of the Zambian community abroad and at home.

  3. Providing a means of support for Zambians intending to start businesses, careers, ministries, and charitable organisations.

  4. Facilitating fund raising activities to support charitable work in our communities in the UK and in at home in Zambian.

  5. Identifying, initiating and implementing charitable projects in Zambia.

  6. Encouraging Zambians living in the UK to be good citizens thus promote and uphold the great image of the nation of Zambia in the UK.

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